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Move Over Mrs Markham.

Ray Cooney & John Chapman

May 1977

Night Watch

Lucille Fletcher

November 1977

The Love Match

Glenn Melvyn

April 1978


Philip King & Falkland L Cary

November 1978

Murder in Company

Philip King & John Boland

April 1979

Fringe Benefits

Peter Yeldman & Donald Churchill

November 1979

Thriller of the year

Glyn Jones

May 1980

Fish out of water

Derek Benfield

November 1980

The house on the cliff

George Baston

April 1981

Not now darling

Ray Cooney & John Chapman

November 1981

Off the hook

Derek Benfield

June 1982

A Murder is Announced

Agatha Christie.

Adapted for the stage by Leslie Darbon

January 1983

Panic Stations

Derek Benfield

May 1983

Pardon me, Prime Minister

Edward Taylor & John Graham

November 1983

Outside Edge

Richard Harris

April 1984

Suddenly at Home

Frances Durbridge

November 1984

Happy as a Sandbag

Ken Lee

April 23rd - 27th 1985

This production was a joint effort with Syston Operatics and was one of the happiest productions Mel has ever worked on. The cast were superb. Backstage staff gave their all, especially Graham Bamford and Mick Westman whose lighting and sound effects were marvellous

The Hollow

Agatha Christie

November 21st - 23rd 1985

Who's Pinched me Camel?

John Guillain

April 28th - May 3rd 1986

There Goes the Bride

Ray Cooney & John Chapman

November 13th - 15th 1986

Habeas Corpus

Alan Bennett

April 9th - 11th 1987

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

December 1987

The Love Match

Glenn Melvyn

April 1988


(The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Drama Society)

David McGillvray

November 23rd - 26th 1988

Wanted One Body

Charles Dyer

April 1989

Seasons Greetings

Alan Ayckbourn

December 1989

When We Are Married

J B Priestly

May 1990

The Enquiry

Charlotte Hastings

November 1990

Bedroom Farce

Alan Ayckbourn

April 1991


Alan Ayckbourn

December 1991

Autumn Manoeuvres

Peter Coke

June 1992

Outside Edge

Richard Harris

October 1992

Who's Pinched Me Tights?

John Guillian

May 1993

The Burning Question

James Scotland

September 1993

Play On

Rick Abbot

January 20th - 22nd 1994

Bedside Manners

Three One Act Plays

Derek Benfield

May 12th - 14th 1994

Party Piece

Richard Harris

November 24th - 26th 1994

Anybody For Murder

Brian Clemens & Dennis Spooner

May 3rd - 5th 1995

An Evening Of Comedy

Nellie's Nightlights


Last Tango in Little Grimley

Harry Austin

David Tristram

June 15th 1995

The Odd Couple

Neil Simon

November 30th - 2nd December 1995

Daddy's Gone A Hunting

H Connelly

May 1996

What's For Pudding?

David Tristram

May 1996

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

November 13th - 16th 1996

Daddy's Gone A Hunting

(This play was entered for the Leicester Drama festival of One - Act Plays and won the adjudicator's Award of which we were all very proud)

H Connelly

April 1997

There's Always Spring


A Jolly Sinister Jape

Arthur Lovegrove

Elliot Strange

May 1997

Kindly Leave The Stage

John Chapman

November 1997

Round & Round The Garden

Alan Ayckbourn

April 1998

Whose wedding is it anyway?


Last Tango in Little Grimley

Margaret Bower

David Tristram

July 1998

The Kidnap Game

Tudor Gates

November 1998



Darlings you were wonderful

Michael Frayn

Derek Lomas

March 1999

Murdered To Death

Peter Gordon

November 1999

Simple Simone


Oliver Twisted

NS Fishlock

Tim Kelly

May 2000

Seasons' Greetings

Alan Ayckbourn

November 2000


Neil Simon

April 2001

A Murder Is Announced

Agatha Christie

November 2001 

Hurrah For Henry


Gosforth's Fete

Karen Thompson

Alan Ayckbourn

April 2002


Eric Chappell

November 2002

Holiday Snap

Michael Pertwee & John Chapman

May 2003

Easy Stages


Don't Blame It On The Bots


What's For Pudding

N J Warburton

N J Warburton

David Tristram

November 2003

(These three one - act plays were performed for the QT's 50th anniversary celebrations. I believe they were the first plays actually performed in The Old Chapel, which previously had just been used as a rehearsal room

Daisy Pulls it Off

Denise Duggan

April 28th - 30th & May 1st 2004

Bread of Heaven



Rae Shirley

Richard Harris

November 24th - 26th 2004

(These two plays were performed at The Old Chapel and at the Guildhall, Mere Close, Leicester)

Gosforth's Fete

Alan Ayckbourn

March 2005

(This play was performed for the Festival of One - Act Plays)



The Janna Years

John Scholes

Gillian Plowman

November 16th - 18th 2005


Eric Chappell

March 2006

Last of The Red Hot Lovers

Neil Simon

November 2006

Flat Spin

Alan Ayckbourn

October 2007

Natural Causes

Eric Chappell

April 2008




(Three playlets - 'Shoppers' 'Day Trippers' 'Dancers'

Giles Cole

Jean McConnell

October 2008

'Dancers' was repeated a the Syston Scout & Guide Band Show "Sticks and Stones 2009" at the Wreake Valley College Theatre, with the same cast.

The Tin Tabernacle

Gerry Hirst, Ted Keller & Mel Glynn-Smith

November 2008

This production was presented at Sacred Heart, Guildhall to celebrate its 125th anniversary

The Odd Couple

Neil Simon

October 2009

Sugar Daddies

Alan Ayckbourn

April 2010

No Dinner For Sinners

Edward Taylor

October 2010

Something To Hide

Leslie Sands

April 2011

Lets's Pretend

Vanessa Brooks

November 2011

Prescription For Murder

Norman Robbins

April 2012

Life Goes On

Adrian Hodges

November 2012

Third Week In August

Peter Gordon

April 30th - May 3rd 2013

A Two - Berth Life


Have A Nice Day


Last Tango in Little Grimley

Lynn Brittney

Lynn Brittney

David Tristram

November 2013

Last Tango in Little Grimley was also performed at The Little Theatre as part of the Festival of One - Act Plays

Curtain Up!

Peter Quilter

November 2014

Forget - Me - Knot

David Tristram

May 2015

Ghost Writer

David Tristram

November 2015


Janice Sampson

May 2016

Madame Blavatsky Lives

Joan Greening

November 29th - 2nd December 2016

The Opposite Sex

David Tristram

May 2017

One Day I'll Fly Away

Janet Shaw

November 28th - December 1st 2017

Resonant Frequency

Ian Pauley

May 8th - May 11th 2018



Plan B

Janice Sampson

Robert Scott

November 27th - November 30th 2018

Resonant Frequency

Murder By Default

Bettine Manktelow

June 4th - June 7th 2019

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