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What's for Pudding?


Jack and Mary are preparing themselves for yet another stultifyingly boring night in when the doorbell rings unexpectedly. What follows is a series of anarchic comic revelations, as we meet their friends Ted and Maureen, and the foursome proceed to get the wrong side of a bottle of whiskey. Their antics are witnessed by a bemused Dennis, who only turns up to order a pair of brown flared trousers from Mary's catalogue but ends up with a lot more than he bargained for.


Last Panto in Little Grimley


Following the success of their previous show, the Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society move to a new level of chaos with “Last Panto in Little Grimley” which sees Gordon, Margaret, Joyce, and Bernard tackle the Christmas pantomime with predictably hilarious results. Gordon decides to write a pantomime, which turns out to be something very different to what Margaret was expecting. Once word of the risqué nature of Gordon’s panto, in which Margaret realises she may have to reveal more than her talent, gets around, the people of Little Grimley flock to buy tickets. Due to a set of calamitous circumstances on the opening night it doesn’t turn out as expected, with members of the cast having accidents.

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