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Bang You're Dead!


Lydia and her boyfriend Marcus rehearse the murder of Theo, Lydia’s husband, which they’re to commit that evening. When the victim and the “perfect witness” arrive, the well-rehearsed plan appears to have an unrehearsed ending. A ghastly mistake – or are there some deviations from the original plot?

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The play is set in the dressing room of Clarence Marchant – an old-school Shakespearean actor, who is playing the lead role of Macbeth. As Clarence’s career unravels at the bottom of the bottle and a mysterious accident on-stage stops him in his tracks, understudy Dominic takes centre stage, unaware of the dark secrets surrounding him. Has Polly (Dominic’s fiancé and fellow actor) been pulling the strings behind the scenes, has stage manager Trish caused Clarence’s downfall, has Claire (Clarence’s dresser) pulled out a show-stopping performance herself? Two years later, Dominic is now a successful actor, playing Hamlet, and has returned to the same theatre and dressing room. Suddenly ghosts from the past start to appear in haunting revelations. Is the price of fame all it’s cracked up to be, or has Dominic been left with blood on his hands?


Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 May 2024

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'Bang You're Dead!' by Paul Reakes

'Something Wicked This Way Comes' by Leigh White

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