Jude’s Blog 3

Rehearsals are about to start for our next production. Well two productions actually, as we are
doing 2 one-act plays. The first, Albert by Janice Sampson, will have a cast of 5 and you will be able
to see Paul Puttnam in the role of Albert, Dorothy Surtees playing his sister Sandra, Donna Gunn as
his daughter Jennifer, Russell Webster playing his grandson Robert and Erika Notman, playing
Gwendoline. You’ll have to come along to the play to see what her relationship is to Albert!!! If any of
you came along to see our production of Bill back in May 2016, Janice Sampson wrote that too!

The second play, Plan B! by Robert Scott, will have Erika playing Susan, Ron Berry playing her
husband Richie and Gillian Bowler as Belinda.

Both plays are comedies and are guaranteed to have you leaving the theatre in a very happy mood.
Add to that a glass of wine or a cup of tea, together with a win on the raffle, and you’ll have the
perfect evening.

The plays will be performed from Tuesday 27 th to Friday 30 th November at The Old Chapel in Chapel
Street, Syston LE7 1GN, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets can be pre-ordered now by using the ‘contact us’
button on the website (www.qttheatregp.co.uk) or by phoning our Box Office 07989 960 014

Jude’s Blog 2

We’re almost there!  The group is in full rehearsal for “One Day I’ll Fly Away” by Janet Shaw, and things really are going well.  The cast have bonded very well as a team and it is a pleasure to go to rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  With a cast of six, this production is being directed by me with Greta MacManus as Assistant Director. Posters are now in lots of shops and businesses around the town.


I hope that you have put the dates in your diary. The play will be performed from Tuesday 28th November to Friday 1st December. As usual, the play will start at 7.30pm and we shall be serving refreshments and holding a raffle every evening.  For ticket enquiries, please contact Dorothy Surtees on 07989 960014.

A gentle comedy, the play is set in a local Nursing Home.  It focuses on the lives of the 5 main characters, as they share their worries and secrets with another. It touches upon conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Stroke so we have decided that, with some of the proceeds from the play, we shall be sending donations to The Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia UK, The Stroke Association and Young Carers to show our support of these very worthwhile causes. There will also be information leaflets and collection boxes at each of our performances so that you, too, can donate should you wish to.


If you do have any suggestions for improvements or changes to our website, please let us know via the CONTACT US button.


13th September 2017 / Judith Latham


CONGRATULATIONS!  If you are reading this, you have obviously managed to access our new website so a very warm welcome to you.  I hope that you are enjoying exploring all the different areas and that you are managing to find all the information that you need about us.  Some areas of the website are still under construction and others need ‘tweaking’ but we are really pleased that it is now a reality.

If you do have any suggestions for improvements or changes, please let us know via the CONTACT US button.

Rehearsals are going really well and, over the past few weeks, we have had some visitors who have dropped in to see us.  They have really enjoyed what they have seen and it has been great for us to hear other people laughing at what we thought was funny but weren’t quite sure.  Now we know!!

I’ll try to post something every week if I can and I might also be able to add the odd photo.  Watch this space and, once again, welcome to QT Theatre Group’s website. xx